Diane Brown

English as a Second Language 
English classes for grades 7-8

On this page you will find important information for your English Learner. 
If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at brownd@dunmoreschooldistrict.net

Please review the ESL Handbook if you have any questions or concerns
 To review the handbook, return to the Dunmore School District home page, scroll down the district tab to find the handbook

Hello students and families,

As we begin a new school year, I want to give you some information regarding ESL hybrid classes and ESL virtual classes.
HYBRID- On the days your child is in the school classroom, they will complete a full day of their school schedules. Students will be advised by their classroom teachers as to how the 'in school' day will be.  An 'in person' ESL class schedule will be determined after we begin.

VIRTUAL- On the virtual days, and the students who are doing the full virtual program will find their ESL lessons on google classroom. As was assigned in the spring, I will continue to post 2-3 extra English lessons so the students can practice and reinforce English language skills. Students should try and complete all activities and assignments. 
Students will not be required to sign into google classroom during any specific times of the day   All short instructional videos will be prerecorded to watch at a time that works for your family.
Your virtual attendance will be based on your completion of assignments and will not need to be taken daily. 

ON WEDNESDAYS, I may schedule classes on ZOOM. I would like to see you and work with you.
TO JOIN MY GOOGLE CLASSROOM CLASSES: Use the following codes to join my classes.
ESL Grades 7-8 class- 612gsuo

If you have any questions or problems completing assignments on google classroom either please email me a brownd@dunmoreschooldistrict.net or contact me on the Talking Points App.

Mrs. Brown

Students, please try the following links to practice English at home. The skills, games and activities will help you with English in school. 

Parents, try the links to learn English too!