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There seems to be some problems logging onto Google Classroom for the individual Subjects and Periods. Mr Woloszyn was able to set up a video to explain it. Please see the video at this link:  

Google Classroom Reading Codes according to Periods
Reading 7 Period 2:    nb66xyn6
Reading 7 Period 3:    p66qz24
Reading 7 Period 5:    sv647v5
Reading 7 Period 7:    xtbjspv
Reading 7 Period 8:    csvcgp7

AR Reading
      Since we do not have many written assignments, everyone should be reading AR books nightly. Use AR Book Finder to make sure that the book you have selected is on AR.

Study Island
      Study Island is an independent learning tool to help support the Common Core Standards. Students should use Study Island as a reinforcement for a skill learned in class. Students need to take the 10 item test until they become proficient in the skill. This may mean that they may have to take it several times until they score a proficient grade.

MobyMax has been the go-to solution for online learning for almost a decade. MobyMax meets students where they are, with personalized lessons in ELA. The program automatically adapts based on student progress and responses, making it ideal for scenarios where teachers are not readily available. Access MobyMax at the link below.

Newsela is an education website focused on building student reading comprehension by providing high-quality news articles and real-time assessments for students in grades 2–12. Access using the link below.
class code:


Dear Parent,

Our school now has access to a great new resource called Learning Farm ( Learning Farm provides high quality practice and instruction designed for our state’s standards in a fun and engaging format. Learning Farm is a great supplement to the work our teachers and students are doing in the classroom. Your child can practice and reinforce knowledge and skills being taught at school by using Learning Farm at home on a computer or tablet. The program is very easy to use; here are some brief instructions for your child to use it at home:

1) Your child’s teacher will provide a Learning Farm username and password specifically for your child.
2)  Login to Learning Farm (
3)  Select a subject
4)  Click on a topic to study

  • The lesson is an animated tutorial followed by interactive practice questions. It is recommended but not required that students complete the lesson before moving on to a practice session.

We are excited about having access to this new resource for our students and encourage you to allocate time for them to use it at home. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact your child’s teacher.

  1. Earn bronze, silver, and gold medals for increasing levels of proficiency! Medals are awarded based on the last 30 questions answered, and content adapts based on performance. Continue answering questions for additional practice and for an even higher score.

  2. Get additional help with helper topics. The “lifesaver float” icon beside the topic name indicates that a “helper topic” has been activated based on individuals users’ needs.

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