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Critical Reading Class
      All unfinished Worksheets are to completed by your next rotation day

AR Reading
      Since we do not have many written assignments, everyone should be reading AR books nightly. Use AR Book Finder to make sure that the book you have selected is on AR.
Study Island
      Study Island is an independent learning tool to help support the Common Core Standards. Students should use Study Island as a reinforcement for a skill learned in class. Students need to take the 10 item test until they become proficient in the skill. This may mean that they may have to take it several times until they score a proficient grade.

All Reading Classes
9-3-19:   Plot diagram worksheet due 9-4-19

9-10-19:  Study Island assignments are to be completed by 9-15 -19 by midnight (link is above)
                     1. Finish Diagnostic Test if you did not complete in class 
                     2. Take the 10 item test on Plot until you get a score of 70% or better
9-12-19:  Study your 18 Literary Terms for a test that will be sometime next week

9-16-19:   Test on 18 Literary Terms will be Wednesday, 9-18.
                      Study Island Assignment on Characters is due 9-19 by midnight.
9-19-19:   Historical Fiction Worksheet is due tomorrow, 9-20.
9-23-19:   Study Island Assignment on Setting is due 9-26 by midnight.
9-23-19:    There will be on test on Jeremy Visick (Chap.1-3, voc. and ques.) on Thursday, 9-26
9-24-19:    Reminder---- Study for Jeremy Visick test
9-26-19:    Fiction Worksheet is due tomorrow, 9-27.
9-30-19:    SI Assignment on Multi-Meaning Words is due 10-3 by midnight
10-1-19:    There will be an Open Book Test on JV Chap 4,5,6 on Thursday,10-3.
10-3-19:    Open Book Test has been moved to Friday.
10-7-19:    SI Assignment on Context Clues in Literature is due 10-10 by midnight.
10-8-19:     Finish The Character Trait Worksheet that we started in class. It is due tomorrow,10-9.
                        There will be an open book test tomorrow on JV Chap.7-8
10-15-19:  SI Assignment on Context Clues in Informational Text is due 10-17 by midnight.
10-16-19:  The last day to take an AR test for this quarter is 10-30-19
10-21-19:  SI Assignment on Theme/Central Idea in Lit. is due 10-24 by midnight.
10-23-19:  Flashback Worksheet due 10-24
10-24-19:  Study Jeremy Visick Voc. for Chap 9-13 & Ques. for Chap 9-23 for a test next week
10-28-19:  Test on Jeremy Visick tomorrow
                         SI Assignment on Central Ideas in Informational Text due 10-31 @ midnight
11-4-19:      SI Assignment on Summary in literature is due 11-7 by midnight.
11-5-19:      Central Idea Worksheet is due 11-6-19
11-8-19:      Periods 2, 8--Storyboards are due on Tuesday, 11-12
                         Periods 3,5,7--Fairy Tales (3 Paragraphs) Rough Drafts are due on Tuesday, 11-12
11-12-19:    SI Assignment on Summary in Informational text is due Thursday,11-14, by midnight
11-18-19:     SI Assignment on Meaning/Tone in Informational Text is due Thursday,11-21 by midnight
11-22-19:     Periods 3, 5, 7 --- Your illustrations are due om Monday, 11-25.
11-22-19:     Periods 2 and 3 ----- Books, storyboards, and rubrics are due Tuesday, 11-26
12-3-19:        SI Assign. on Connotation/Denotation in Literature is due Thursday, 12-5, by midnight
12-9-19:        SI Assign. on Connotation/Denotation in Informational -due Thursday,12-12, @midnight
12-10-19:      Worksheet on Connotation/Denotation is due tomorrow, 12-11-19
12-11-19:      Test on the 5 Essays is on Friday, 12-13. Study notes, vocabulary, and questions
12-16-19:      Complete the SI Technical Meanings by 12-18 by midnight
1-6-20:            SI Assign. on Inferences/Generalizations due by 1-9 by midnight
1-7-20:            Inference Worksheet is due tomorrow, 1-8
1-13-20:         SI assignment on Figurative Language is due on 1-16 @ midnight
REMINDER:  There will be a test on Poetry Terms on Wednesday 1-15
1-21-20:          SI Assign. on Rhymes and Repeating Sounds due by 1-23 by midnight
1-21-20:          MLK worksheet due 1-22-20
1-23-20:          There will be an open book test on The Cremation of Sam McGee on 1-24-20
1-27-20:          SI Assign on Figurative Meanings in Info. Texts due by 1-30 @ midnight

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