Just go to Reading Google Classroom and join the class by entering the class links listed below.

Google Classroom Reading Codes according to Periods
Reading 7 Period 2: n6bxyn6
Reading 7 Period 3: p66qz24
Reading 7 Period 5: sv647v5
Reading 7 Period 7: xtbjspv
Reading 7 Period 8: csvcgp7

Log on Information


Information---- Username: firstname.lastname.dsd
                                    Password: lunch pin #
Log on to Study Island  when directed and work independently until you receive proficiency, which is a 70% or better, on the Practice Tests; 
Assignments and due dates will be posted on in Google Classroom.  


Assignments are done at your own pace and I will post assignment dates and due dates on the Google Classroom Classwork Page.  Access the link
Information----- Username: lunch pin #
                                      Password: first and last initial and lunch pin # 
( Please note that some students have different logins and you should be already aware of this.)
Log on to Moby Max and complete the assignments under the Assignment icon when directed to do so.


You are invited to join Reading Grade 7:

Period 2: GG5XY2
Period 3: 2TUKQR
Period 5: YF6UAR
Period 7: SR7EW6
Period 8: RESXHH

Assignments are done at your own pace. The assignment and due dates will be posted on Google Classroom Classwork page.

Information---- username: use your dunmore students email address
                      password:  lunch pin#bucks
Class code:
Make sure you click on my name to submit


Instructions for Students:

  1. Sign in with their assigned usernames and passwords at

  2. Select a subject.

  3. Select a topic. More than one topic can be selected by clicking the pages icon, but lessons are not available for multi-topic sessions.

  4. Complete the lesson, an optional animated tutorial with interactive practice questions.

  5. Select a mode – test mode or game mode. The same quality content appears in both modes.

    1. Earn bronze, silver, and gold medals for increasing levels of proficiency! Medals are awarded based on the last 30 questions answered, and content adapts based on performance. Continue answering questions for additional practice and for an even higher score.

    2. Get additional help with helper topics. The “lifesaver float” icon beside the topic name indicates that a “helper topic” has been activated based on individuals users’ needs.

    Go to WORK AT HOME ASSIGNMENT PAGE (left) for Instruction and Directions
    Everyone must sign into Google 
    Classroom, according to your class period, in order to view instructions, note, and videos.



This is something new I would like to try out with you. The directions are below. If you have any problems with logging in, please let me know. I am not quite sure how well this will work on your end.

Quick Start Guide for Students for Commonlit (

Welcome to CommonLit! We're excited for you to start reading, so we're going to make this quick and easy.

Step 1: Sign Up with CommonLit
Your teacher has already created your account for you. Log in through Google by clicking the "Login With Google" button on our login page.

If you need to create an account, get your class code from your teacher and go to
Enter your class code.
Then you will be prompted to enter a first and last name and password. If the email is linked to Google, you will be able to click "Login With Google" in the future to sign in quickly.
Write down your log in information.

Step 2: Join Classes
Log in using your username and password (or click Login With Google if you signed up with a Google email).

Step 3: Begin an Assignment
Click on an assignment from your "In Progress section" to begin or resume it.
If you need help as you read, open Read Aloud and click the speaker icon next to the paragraph, line, or question you want to hear read aloud.To annotate a part of a passage, select the text you want to annotate and choose the highlight or note option.
Answer all the questions. We save as you go, so you can come back later, but be sure to click "Save and Next" when you finish each assessment question.
When you are done your assessment, click SUBMIT YOUR ASSIGNMENT.

NOTE 1: If you search for a text in the library, even if you've been assigned it, you will not be able to take your assignment from the library. You must go to My Assignments to take your quizzes. If you have been assigned a text and are on its text preview page in the library, you can click "Go to Assignment" from the questions panel.

NOTE 2: We log you out of your session after 2 hours; if you are trying to save answers and get an error message, copy your most recent answer and refresh your page to make sure you are still logged in.

NOTE 3: Mess up and submit your assignment early? Ask your teacher to unsubmit your assignment.

Step 4: Track Your Performance
You can see how you are doing on your assignments overall by going to your "My Performance" page. You will only see your scores and teacher's feedback on assignments after your teacher has released your scores.

You can also see how you answered and did on individual assignments from your My Assignments page by clicking on an assignment in your Completed Assignments section to view your score.

If interested, go to Google Classroom to see your assignments.

In the future, log in by typing in your CommonLit username and password.

Now click on the WORK AT HOME tab to view your assignments
Click on THE WORK AT HOME tab to the left to see what you missed and then proceed to Google Classroom.

Click "Work At Home Assignment Page" on the left NOW


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